Health & Medical Services

  • New York State Education Law mandates that every child attending public school provide proof of required immunizations upon entrance. Proof of a student's immunization must be provided to the school's Health Office within 14 calendar days from the start of school for continued school attendance.

     New York State Education Law requires that every student attending school have a physical examination in Kindergarten, First, Third, and Fifth Grade as well as all new entrant. A Health Certificate must be provided to the Health Office within thirty days from the start of school. This examination may not be performed more than twelve months prior to the start of the school year in which the examination is required. Blank Health Certificate Forms are available in the Amagansett Health Office.

     A new law was recently enacted that expands health screening for the mandated grades (Kindergarten, First, Third and Fifth, as well as new entrants) to include the dental health of students in New York State. We will now be requesting that a Dental Certificate be completed by the student's dentist for an examination performed within the last year. Blank dental certificates, as well as a list of free or reduced fee providers are available in the Health Office upon request.

     A student requiring any medication during school hours needs to have a completed medication administration form signed by their physician. A parent/guardian must deliver the completed medication form and the prescribed medication to the Health Office. No medication should be sent to school with a child. Blank medication forms are available in the Health Office.

     Vision and hearing screening will be performed annually for all students. Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) screening will be performed each year on female students in Fifth Grade.


     Please contact the School Nurse, Mrs. Mary Jo Bennett at 631-267-3572 for information or questions.